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Excel advantages users to have Event programming, usable within VBA code. Using them, user’s actions and changes in the application state can be monitored and along with it, the apt actions can be taken as a response of certain user actions. In short, an event is the action, which gets started either by some other VBA code or any user action. This tool was first introduced in Excel 97 and remains the same through 2007.

But the problem starts when the user events don’t get any response. MS Excel 2002 may stop acting to these events. Basically, the problem arises when these events jump to asynchronous behavior. When you drop events for COM component and then call Calculate on the Excel worksheet from the event, the results may not come as expected.

But, in the severe chances in may bring corruption to the file and error messages like;

Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

The roots of the problem start from a complex worksheet, which is being worked upon by Calculate. Now, if while the process application runs in background and foreground window then moves across the application window, it may stop responding. During the process, the calculation starts peeking messages from queue and then, a asynchronous event is allowed to trigger. As the last COM event and calculation hasn’t completed yet, the next call may cause corruption, which may ask for Excel repair.

Excel Repair

Corrupted worksheets can be repaired and then safely restored by Excel recovery applications. These are the tools which are instructed to scan the corrupted worksheets through the suitable set of algorithms. Due to safe data conduct, power to repair and queue of added features, the programs are popular to avail Excel repair in each case of corruption.

Excel Recovery uses the most powerful scanning algorithms which proves helpful to repair and restore the corrupted worksheets. This Excel recovery application supports Excel 2000 through 2007 and carries out repair, maintaining data safety. Just install it, scan you file and get a repaired file through few simple steps.

Source: http://datarecoveryinformation.blogspot.in/2013/01/excel-doesnt-respond-calculate-is.html

An employee worked hard day and night to create a business presentation. However, when that employee came to office to represent that presentation, it did not open. The only thing that an employee could see was an error message stating that the PowerPoint file is corrupt. Repetitive attempts of opening the file failed and all the data saved in the slides became inaccessible. Since the employee had no backup of the PPT, the only hope to repair PPT file was only by using a third-party PowerPoint recovery tool.

The above situation can occur to any of us. The most common error message that pops up after a PPT file is corrupted is mentioned underneath:

“PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt”

When and why the corruption occurs?

1. Few main causes of a PPT file corruption are improper system shutdown, virus attack, turning on ‘Allow fast saves’ option, application problems, too large file, and interrupted read/write operation.
2. Corruption mostly damages the header (8 byte storage area for all the major components) of a PPT file. The bytes saved in the header either get changed or deleted.

How to overcome corruption?

There are numerous ways to repair a corrupted PPT file. However, few of them that are used most often are listed underneath:

1. Use PPT slides from files on the Insert menu
2. Place a TMP file
3. Try to open the file in MS Word
4. Save the file to a different location and then open it
5. Opt for Damaged Presentations Troubleshooters

What if all the above resolutions fail?

Don’t lose your heart as there is still a hope to repair your corrupted PPT file. This can be done by using a commercial PowerPoint Recovery Software.

PowerPoint Recovery Software Info:

Such recovery software are competent to repair both PPT and PPTX files post any logical corruption. These PPT recovery applications are easy to install and require few MB space of hard drive. The recovery tools are also allow the user to view the repaired PPT/PPTX files before restoration. Moreover, these PPT recovery tools can be installed on almost all versions of Windows operating system. They can recover PPT file items like images, text, animations, smart art objects, and more.

Applied for:

1. MS PowerPoint 2007
2. MS PowerPoint 2003
3. MS PowerPoint 2002
4. MS PowerPoint 2000


Windows includes a intrinsic command known as NTBackup that enables backing up files and folders through command prompt. NTBackup.exe tool is a part of all Windows NT versions including Windows Server 2003, XP and 2000. The proprietary file format that it uses to backup the info is BKF. Such files can be backed up to external or secondary storage device media, like floppy disks, ZIP drives and others. Thus, when you lose data, you’ll be able to use these files to revive or restore the lost data. However sometime, the BKF file itself may fail to restore due to corruption. Such things need that you just use your alternative backup or repair and recover the corrupt BKF file using BKF Repair software.

Consider an instance, you back up your files and folders using NTBackup.exe tool on an external storage media. You mistakenly delete a file from the initial/original location. After this, once you attempt to restore the lost data from the backup media using BKF file so formed, you fail to try and do thus and receive the below error message:

“Fails to open file”

You cannot open the file at subsequent attempts of opening the file.


You are making an attempt to retrieve and  restore data from a corrupted or damaged BKF file. The NTBackup file may get corrupt as a result of reasons like:
  • Storage media errors
  • Unexpected shutdown while the backup process
  • CRC errors
  • Virus infection
  • Interruptions while backup


To restore the data after BKF file damage, you need to consider applying these methods:
  • If you have a second copy of the lost data other than BKF file, you should use it to restore from it
  • If no clean backup exists, you should try repairing corrupt BKF file. To do so, scan the damaged BKF file by using third-party BKF Repair Tool.

BKF Repair software is powerful applications that are capable to repair and restore a broken or corrupted BKF file. These are graphically rich, safe and complete repair tools that apply high-end scanning algorithms to repair a damaged BKF file. Such tools provide you secure data restoration in any case of BKF file corruption.

BKF Recovery is a highly advanced and fully-featured repair tool for repairing broken and damaged BKF files created with Windows 2003, XP and 2000 backup utilities. It is an instant BKF Repair Tool that allows BKF file repair for files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS software. The application is compatible with Windows Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.

Source: http://buyonline-software.tumblr.com/

How To Repair Corrupted PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint presentation is easiest way to explain things in short form. It takes several hour’s to one day to prepare a good ppt. Think about the situation when you could not open ppt, windows showing error message that “Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”, to overcome from this situation you need to repair corrupted ppt file. Unfortunately MS office doesn’t provide any option to repair corrupted files, but several third party ppt repair software are available. Use any of these tools to get resolve ppt corruption issue.

Reason for ppt corruption: There are several reason due to which ppt and pptx files get corrupted.

Few main causes of PowerPoint file corruption are listed below:

1) Virus attack: Most of PowerPoint(ppt) files damaged due to virus attack. You can prevent you system from virus by using updated anti-virus software.

2) Improper system shutdown: Sometimes we are in hurry and directly switched off our computer system this may also leads to corruption of ppt/pptx file or whole ms office as well.

3) Operating System Corruption: If your operation system get corrupted then it may be possible that all application and files including ppt/pptx files will also get corrupted automatically.

4) Fluctuation in power: This may also corrupt your application like MS office. You are working on ppt/pptx and power fluctuated then it may possible that your ppt/pptx file will get corrupt.

Corrupted PowerPoint presentation can be repaired with some good PowerPoint repair software. You can find several ppt repair software on Internet. You can find both free and paid version of these software. It is advisable that first use demo version of PowerPoint recovery software, if you are satisfied with results then go with full version. PowerPoint recovery software’s are safe and they will not harm you files while recovering.

How To Do SharePoint Recovery?

SharePoint Server Enterprise A favorite: At company level, most of the joint work in the parts of the organization. Not only is data sharing, but almost all processes are collaborative. Critical to data sharing and other platforms for collaborative work is well advanced are preferred for the collection and data management. This is why excessive use of Microsoft SharePoint Server in configurations important. SharePoint provides a platform able to exchange and process information across different departments of an organization at different locations. This was not achieved by any other server developed by SharePoint. In fact, even the SharePoint Server helps organizations perform many tasks of seamless collaboration.

SharePoint databases are also prone to corruption: Sometimes your SharePoint database that contains all your organizational data is corrupted causing a great lack of access to the contents of the database. Similarly, in situations where SharePoint Server is down, organizations are facing great difficulties in carrying out various processes. Both issues are problematic enough to disturb the administrator of MS SharePoint Server, but can be easily solved with the help of an expert third-party tool SharePoint Server Recovery.

How to recover SharePoint? The following is a step-by-step instruction helps you find the apt database recovery SharePoint solutions:

1) online research for various third-party programs available: You can search SharePoint recovery software online. Suggests one way to do is browse the website of well known software Development Company’s data recovery. After spending some quality time in product research, organizations are faced with problems of corruption or downtime SharePoint problems can find something useful. There are many SharePoint recovery tools on the market that allow administrators to time qualified and efficient retrieval of documents from SharePoint. Now, as you know that SharePoint Server is a sophisticated, and in view of this, the solution should be chosen accordingly. Pico thin ideal should be a tool functionally advanced but easy to use.

2) Assess the software with free trial versions (if available): When you start the market research and product testing, there are several SharePoint server recovery programs that are available in free demo versions. Use of this service, any software can analyze carefully and thoroughly to get a fair idea about the features and functionality of this product.

3) Find a software at Best Buy: When you are satisfied with the demo version, you can place the product in question (which would prove fruitful proposal for you) when you purchase the full version. Organizations that are concerned, because the advanced features of SharePoint Server cannot solve on a product to meet their expectations. All you have to do is analyze the options available and choose the best. The recommended tool is SysTools SharePoint recovery software, which is simple and intuitive tool to recover documents in SharePoint, which uses advanced technology to restore the files to MOSS.

Resolving Outlook PST Indexing Error

Windows Indexing Service allows for faster file searching while providing better performance. In context of Outlook PST, the service may cause several errors if it finds the PST corrupted. The Windows Indexing Service can index all PST objects, which include e-mails, calendar entries, and notes, etc. But if it starts indexing a corrupted PST (which needs PST Repair), it prompts errors of incomplete operation.
Here is an example that will elucidate such situations. In a scenario, wherein a Windows user uses Windows Indexing Service to index his/her Outlook PST file, an attempt to search an Outlook object may result in certain errors, such as:
“Instant Search encountered a problem while trying to display search results. Modifying your query may resolve this problem.”
This error dialog box consists of no option to escape, but OK. When you click OK, this prompts another error, which reads as:
“Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed. Click here for more details”
On clicking error details option, you get the below error info:
“Outlook is currently indexing your items. Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed.”
Apart from the error statement, you can also see a number of items to be indexed in PST.
Such issues are more frequent due to PST corruption. However, incomplete PST indexing can also result in similar kind of behavior. Therefore, you should look if PST is being indexed before actually looking for PST Repair solutions. To do so, click Options under Tools menu and select Search Options. If it shows that PST is being indexed, let the process to get completed.
In other cases, you would require to Repair PST. For this, you can run Inbox Repair Tool, which is a built-in repair tool for Outlook PST. Search for ‘scanpst.exe’ file in your Windows computer and double-click to launch the tool.
If the Inbox Repair Tool doesn’t work, you need to use a third-party Outlook PST Recovery tool to Repair PST. These are downloadable applications available from data recovery manufacturers. You can buy these software and run them to repair your PST, corrupted because of any reason. These tools are highly effective and user-friendly.
An Outlook PST recovery application is a absolute product to scan, repair and finally extract emails from a corrupted and damaged PST file. The software can extract all PST objects, including calendars, contacts, and notes. Outlook PST Recovery software work smoothly and allow you to restore the repaired file to a desired location. For More Information Visit: http://www.buy-online-software.com/email-recovery/outlook-pst-recovery.html

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Encountering an error message while trying to open or access a PowerPoint presentation can be annoying. Since it needs a good deal of time and efforts to create an effective presentation, such errors usually demand an immediate PPT Recovery attention. If you are getting any of such error messages, this article might help. For example, you might receive an error message similar to below:

"PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt."

Fixing the Issue

This error can appear out of several reasons. You can try the following solutions to fix the problem.
Cause 1: The file is password-protected and you are trying to open it in previous version of PowerPoint.
Solution: You can resave the file without password-protection or try to open the file using PowerPoint 2003 Viewer.

Cause 2: You are using PowerPoint 2003 and observing issues opening a file created in a previous version of PowerPoint.
Solution: To solve this issue, you need to install the Critical Update for PowerPoint 2003. For this, you can open 'Help' menu, click 'Check for Updates', and then install the relevant update.

Cause 3: The file is indeed corrupt
Solution: In order to extract data from a corrupted presentation, you can try these tricks:

• Open a new blank presentation and try to insert the slides from the corrupt presentation to it. To do so, use 'Slides from Files' option of 'Insert' menu.
• Open the corrupt presentation in other programs like, MS Word
• Move the file to a different location. This trick usually works if you are trying to open the file from a removable media.
• Start the PowerPoint or computer in safe mode and try to open the file. To start PowerPoint in safe mode, click 'Start', 'Run', and then type 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Powerpnt.exe" /safe' in 'Open' box. (Check the correct path for your PowerPoint version).

More Information

If you don't have any luck to open the corrupted presentation by using any of the aforementioned methods, use a third-party PPT Recovery Software. These tools can prevent your re-work and repair a corrupted PPT file within few minutes. A PPT Recovery tool scans a corrupted presentation using effective yet safe algorithms. In addition, these tools are highly effective in terms of interactivity with users.

Applies to

• MS PowerPoint 2002
• MS PowerPoint 2003

Gaurav work as a freelancer and researcher for Data Recovery & Powerpoint Recovery Software.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5461882
A database is an integrated collection of the data and records in structured way. The data in a database is organized according to a database model. The most commonly database model is relational model.

There are two types of database systems: relational and flat-file. In flat file database the user specifies the data attributes for one table at a time, storing data independently from application. While relational database, along with the flat file approach, allows the user to specify the information about multiple tables and the relationships among the tables, and often declarative controls over, which bind the table to obey them, particularly called constraints.

The DBMS implementing the relational database approach is called Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Now at the marketplace there is a range of relational database management systems available such as MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL.

MS Access is a RDBMS which uses the relational MS Jet Database Engine. This Microsoft product is used within departments of large and small corporations. MS SQL is also a Microsoft product which implements the query language SQL (Structured Query Language). MySQL has been developed by MySQL AB and offers all the advanced features of a relational database management system.

The advantages like application-data independence, enhanced data integrity, improved security, reduced data redundancy and inconsistency etc. have lead the users to store more and more data on these databases. But side by side the complications to these databases are also growing with the fast pace which are resulting into the database corruption. This is increasing the need of database repair. Some of the common database corruption reasons include:

· Interruptions or crashes during the writing of data.
· Virus hit
· Application malfunction
· Unreliable network connections and hardware
· Hard disk error
· Too many users attempting for editing the database at the same time
· Poor structuring of the software that interfaces with the database

All these reasons have a common impact viz. database corruption and the data loss. The database repair is demanded at the peak level of importance in this case. For mostly all the organizations, they must keep track of the information including their employees, dealers, shareholders, creditors, debtors etc. and the database allows you to mange and use an incredible variety of information easily.

The database allows you to maintain order in what could be a very chaotic environment and possess most of the relevant information of the organization. So corruption of any of the database may result into big loss for the organization and hence an immediate database repair is required in either of the database corruption scenario.

Fortunately, technology has availed us the remedy to this database corruption in the name of database repair software. These software are designed so as to scan the corrupted database and retrieve the data intact. As relationships play the most important role in the relational model, therefore while choosing the database repair software, one should be sure that the software is not going to perform any write operation. Based on the RDBMS you are using, go for the relevant database recovery software.

Resource: http://www.database-repair-software.com/blog/database-and-common-database-corruption-reasons/
We always store office work in form of database. For maintaining and creating database, MS access is best software utility. As it is easy to use but sometimes when we try to open an existing MS Access Database, you may get an error message:

“Unexpected error 35012”

Due to this error your database closes unexpectedly. You face this error due to the corruption in the Microsoft Access Database or mdb file. These corrupted objects may include one or more database forms of reports.

As Microsoft has provided compact and repair utility to recover access database and several other utility is form of patch to resolve this problem such as jet compact utility. One more method is there to repair the corrupt database i.e import the corrupted .mdb file or object in a new file. For importing corrupted database, follow following steps:

* Create a new Access database
* In file menu, select Get External Data option
* Select Import from Get External Data
* Select all the database objects in the file and import in newly created database

If you again face "Unexpected error 35012" when you import a specific object, try the 2nd step again. If you fail to import this time also, you will need to restore the corrupt object from backup.

But it helps only when your database is less corrupted. If it is critically corrupted then compact and repair utility or jet compact utility doesn’t help you. Even you can’t import database. In case if you fail to import the database and you don’t have any backup, then you can’t repair your database without using 3rd party access recovery tools. In these situations, your entire database may become inaccessible. Access recovery softwares are the powerful data recovery programs that can search and locate your corrupted access database and can repair them.